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ProMed Financial is leader in the marketplace for practices for sales and practice financing. With a solid 30 years in business we pride ourselves in honorable, medicine pharm personable and detailed transactions.\n

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\nOur consultative approach sets us apart from the competition\n\nOur talent shines in the ability to understand all the necessary details about your practice’s information, diagnosis sovaldi sale corporate initiatives, and guidelines before offering you a solution—so that the solution is as comprehensive and customized as it should be.\n\nProMed is the leader:\n

• No up-front cost\n• Industry knowledgeable Agents\n• National Practice Transition Consulting\n• Large Database of Pre-Approved Buyers\n• Customized Practice Financing with competitive rates\n• Strictly Confidential

\nAt ProMed Financial, we believe our services will save your organization time and money—the process will be convenient, confidential and painless.\n\nCall us today and you will soon understand why so many doctors choose ProMed Financial Practice Financing or Practices for sale divisions call 888-277-6633