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The Practice Sales/Transition Division: offers an experienced team of professionals eager to provide guidance and direction to buyers and sellers during all aspects of the practice sale/transitional phase.

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Dental Practice Purchase Financing

In your pursuit to locate the practice of your dreams and acquiring 100% Dental Practice Purchase Financing, cialis usa  many opportunities most likely will able available for you to make a decision.  Some practices will immediately be discounted for a number of reasons; i.e. location, transferability, services rendered, etc. and…

Medical Equipment Financing

Generally speaking most medical equipment items are financeable.  Deciding whether you should do an outright purchase which accompanies first year write offs is a matter of discussion with your accountant.\n\nThere are definite advantages to considering this rather than stretching out the depreciation.\n\nIf you do decide to have a lease, viagra…

Medical Practice Working Capital Loans

Money does not grow on trees but wouldn’t it be nice to have it so accessible for Medical Practice Working Capital Loans.  When you are operating a practice, clinic putting in hours to meet your overhead and dealing with the tasks of administration, it is easy to become frustrated when…


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